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Win a Free 2 Week Trip to Costa Rica You Bloody Rippa

This competition has now ended and alas I did not win. I first read about NomadicMatt and Gap Adventures competition to win a free 2 week trip to Costa Rica on twitter because everybody knows I don’t do any work I just spam on there all day. Immediately after, I began thinking of reasons as to why I deserved the gig. Then it hit me, I’m a bloody Aussie. We […]


Travel Blogger Friday #10

It’s a big occasion, my 10th Travel Blogger Friday post. I’m moving into my preteen years now and I feel like this weeks contestant needs to be awesome. Like I can dunk a basketball from half court while sculling a pint of beer and pulling off the perfect dance move of all time awesome. So are you prepared? moved all the breakable items out of arms reach for your impending […]


My First Overseas Trip Part 3

Haven’t been reading along. Check out Part 1 and then Part 2 There is something exciting about taxiing onto the runway in a plane. Perhaps its the excitement for the upcoming trip or maybe your just lucky enough to have some rather attractive air hostess’s running through the emergency procedure. No matter the reason I was stuck in the middle seat of 3 and at that moment I didn’t care […]


First Gear Purchase

With my travel date growing ever closer it was time I began spending some of my hard earnt savings. First on the list were two items I believe to be fairly important to any would be backpacker. A backpack and some good shoes. Like everybody I hit up Google, read other blogs and consulted with my travel book. I was searching for something I liked the look of and also […]


Travel Blogger Friday #9

Another Friday and another Travel Blogger name associated with my site (honest I don’t mean to tarnish your name it just happens). Sometimes in life you just meet awesome people and want to talk to them, buy them a beer, look through their window…. not that I’d do that because its cold outside and your dog keeps trying to hump my leg. Anyway Monica from A Pair of Panties and […]


My First Overseas Trip Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of My First Overseas Trip read it here. Before entering through into the international departure area of Melbourne Airport I was super excited. We had checked our bags with ease and just needed to deal with immigration and take a seat until the plane boarded. I distinctly remember the moment my excitement vanished and fear set in. What did I find on the other side […]