Archive | November, 2010

Featured Photo: Berlin Graffiti

Just a sample of some of the amazing graffiti that adorns so many parts of Berlin. From encompassing entire buildings like the one above, to small pieces scattered along alleys and walkways all across the city. If your in Berlin, be sure to stop and take some time to check it out. One place I can recommend is Tacheles, a hive of artwork and creativity.


Strolling Around Vilnius

Waking up in this hostel unfortunately didn’t make it any better, especially since I was queueing up for a shower and I had hardly seen a sole in the place yesterday. Even worse, my travel buddy was leaving me tonight while I stayed on for another 2 nights. With very little explored yesterday we had decided to start the day with the the free walking tour run each day. Run […]


Arriving in Vilnius

Early mornings are the bane of my backpacking adventure, well that and getting lost trying to find my hostel for the first time. Still there was an 8:30AM bus to Vilnius to catch and it had my name all over it. I was also lucky enough to have my travel buddy from Riga coming with me which I was really excited about. Being able to hang out with one person […]


Another Last Day in a City

Obviously when you run out of beer to drink the night before there is no hangover the next day, so feeling good I was up and into the rain to visit the Riga Occupation Museum. With nothing more than a donation when you enter the door it turned into a real eye opener to recount stories of the occupation. While here I also ran into a friend from the hostel […]