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Travel Blogger Friday #4

Christmas has come and gone for another year leaving me well behind in catching up on all of the blogs I have been reading over the past 4 weeks. It doesn’t help that my list of blogs appears to be increasing daily. This week thought Brooke from wrote about how Americans Don’t Speak English. This reminded me of a long running joke I have with a couple of friends […]


Travel Blogger Friday #3

Well its that time again, Travel Blogger Friday make that Thursday. With Christmas upon us I have brought this weeks contestant on forward a day. This week we have Michael from The Mobile Lawyer. I thought it fitting that Michael’s post on Rental Car Insurance in Oz be posted today. You see as I was headed out to begin the long list of duties my parents had bestowed upon […]


Travel Blogger Friday #2

It seems the more I get into this great travel community the more great stuff I find. Instead of highlighting 50 articles you should read and just overloading the page with complete randomness. I’ll just keep it to sharing one gem I found and keep you and I both sane a little longer. This week it was Johnny Vagabond’s article Use a Squat Toilet in 5 Easy Steps that made […]


Travel Blogger Friday #1

There are some really great people that belong to the travel blogging community. Many have made me laugh (till it hurts), cry (OK not really) and lastly provided wonderful insight into their travel lives that I have felt like I lived it with them. Keeping with that sharing mentality. Each Friday I wish to usher you into your seats, turn down the lights and provide the popcorn while you explore […]