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Travel Blogger Friday 31

As I’ve just recently passed my 12 months of pretending to be a travel blogger, I’ve found myself searching the travel alleyways for other new travel blogs that I can follow and relive my earlier travel planning days. On this search I have found some great blogs that even at their early stage have me coming back each week to read. So this week I want to share Ashlea’s blog, […]


Travel Blogger Friday 30

Today I’m lifting this weeks blogger straight from the comments pages of my blog (see it pays to comment on my posts). I’ve been really slack (sorry guys) in keeping up with Amy & Kieron from and the preparations for their long awaited trip. Starting with North America and then onto wherever the wind blows, I’m hopeful that it will bring these guys along my path at some stage. […]


Travel Blogger Friday 29

Working from home today due to the first snow of the winter season bringing London to a grinding halt, I saw a blog post feed into my rss reader than made me long for sun. Not only the sun but the beach and the relaxing afternoons that I had experienced during my trips to Asia. The blog post came from Kate at She’s just passed her 1 month on […]


Travel Blogger Friday 28

One of the great things about my travels so far is the new friends I’ve made. From all around Europe I made new friends, some for just a few days others hopefully for a lifetime. So as I was trying to decide about where to end my travels a certain reader of my blog convinced me to change my plans and head for Italy where they were living. Given I […]